Monday, February 8, 2016

How to make a living with your writing. Indie Recon conference 2015

Monday, January 18, 2016

Snow Day at Reid Park Zoo!

Now and then we need to take a time out from the problems in the world and just enjoy nature! :-)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hello Everyone,

              I am sorry for taking so much time off. Over a year in fact, how the time does fly. I did have some minor health issues that lasted several months this year so that partially accounts for being a blog delinquent. However, I am feeling much better now so I will be back blogging on the first of the year and I even have high hopes that I will start several more blogs. I left my day job last April so I am devoting myself full time to being a freelancer. It is a GREAT life!!!

             So here is the first edition of our newsletter. I just found out that you are not able to upload a PDF to Facebook, but I solved the problem quickly. If you are a MAC user like me you open up your PDF in Preview, which is a photo editing program, and export as a JPEG. Of course you will have to click Export and select JPEG for each page so each page will be an individual JPEG. This way you will be able to upload your document to Facebook as a JPEG!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Road to Financial Freedom


          I hope you are enjoying your summer. The weather continues to be pleasant and not unbearably hot, like many summers. I am a cool weather person myself so I am very happy this year. It will soon be August and time to think about Fall. I guess I am just about recovered from last Christmas, haha! In June when "six months till Christmas" was announced I was SO not ready to think about it. People in business probably think about it all the time because it is the best money making time of the year. Well, I have A BUNCH of things to tell you about today, so lets get started! :-)

         We all wish there was an easy road to success and there are some, but it takes a combination of hard work and luck to get there. We all hope that we will find it right away and be able to relax for the rest of our lives, but more often than not it takes years of study, research, and trial and error to reach that golden shore of financial freedom. It is different for everyone. I have one friend who is making it big on E-bay and another who is a top 31 Consultant. I haven't found my financial niche yet, but the harder I work and the more things I try the sooner I will reach that point. The important thing is to KEEP TRYING!!!! The only one who can stop you is you!

         As I said in my last post I am planning to add several new blogs to my efforts in a month. I want to make videos to go with them and really give it my all. It takes time to learn all the ins and outs of online marketing and all the techniques, but keep working at it! I will link you to my new blogs when I get them up! :-)

         Membership Clubs! This could be a GREAT way to have a steady income IF you have something really good to offer. I saw in a craft catalog they offered several membership clubs. They had a project of the month club for knitting, a Christmas ornament of the month club, and a craft of the month club. I recently discovered that there are bunches of children's membership clubs, book of the month,  DVD of the month, sticker of the month, skirt of the month, hair bow of the month, toy of the month, craft of the month, gift of the month, why there is even a monthly membership club for pets, Paw Pac. Just think if you had five or six of these going and got a lot of members you would do quite well. Don't forget online Membership clubs. You can have different levels of membership using the software, Wishlist.

         I recently saw a video about an author who earns $3,000 per month selling e-books on Kindle. That sounds like one AMAZING way to make a living and I hope this will be my niche! Complete artistic freedom sounds wonderful and here is a little video that explains the process of publishing your Kindle e-book.

             If you want to give direct sales a try without breaking the bank I suggest you give Kitsy Lane and Keaton Row a try. These do not have a TON of requirements and supplies you will need to purchase. Basically, you only need to make a sale once every six months to remain active. The only thing to consider is that you probably should buy some of the product yourself to help advertise to your friends. So you will need to plan on buying a few items. Going into business is never 100% free, but from all the research I have done these seem to have the least requirements.

              Have you ever thought of teaching English as a second language? That might be a good job if you are already an English speaker. American TESOL Institute You can take their course and get lifetime job placement service! Sounds pretty cool! If you want to travel this will be ideal for you and if not you can still find jobs in the US and online. You could offer personal lessons on Fiverr or teach on GoFluent or Verbal Planet.

              I'm going to try New England Crafters and Tiny Details in September and it will be AWESOME if they turn out to be decent money makers. One word of warning though is that these companies make tiny crafts like jewelry and dollhouse miniatures on a one to twelve inch scale. So if you are not used to working with tiny objects doing these crafts might be difficult.

               Update on the GPT and survey sites! I have ruled out surveys because they take too much time, you rarely qualify, and I resent all the personal questions they ask. So bye, bye, surveys! As for the GPT sites I don't have time to work on them. I keep up with the e-mails and things on Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings and I have over $30 on my combined accounts, but since I have four part time jobs and I am trying to write books and make movies in my spare time there is never enough time to go to the sites and work on any of the tasks. I still think Fusion Cash, Swagbucks, and Amazon Mechanical Turk are good sites, but I just don't have the time. If I was unemployed I am sure I would have the time to put in to them, but I just don't.

              As a writer I do not want to write articles for other people and give out all my good information. I would rather write a book on the subject myself and keep the rights to all the information I have gathered. So ruling out article writing, reviews are left. The reason Review Stream  appeals to me is that it says they pay anywhere from $1 to $6 for each review plus a little bit for traffic. This sounds REALLY good to me so you should check that one out. Shvoong is a site where you write reviews of any published literary work. I think the pay is only revenue on ads, but its reviews so you could give it a try. After all, reviews of specific product are not likely something you will be publishing a book on yourself.

             Now you could build your own business up piece by piece. Education is a good one. You could start by uploading teaching videos to Youtube, then write a book and a course. It will almost be like your own correspondence school.  You could make one of your membership sites a school! The same goes for building up a manufacturing and sales business. Start out on E-bay and Etsy and then sell products on your own website. You can even start a direct sales company with a team of consultants and affiliates to  help sell your products.

              I hope I've given you some good ideas for continuing down that path to financial freedom!

Take care,
~ Adele :-)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Turning Your Blog Into Your Business

Hello Friends,

                  I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your summer. I am not much of a summer fan myself because of the hot temperatures, but I have to say that so far our weather in western PA has been very pleasant this year. Well, enough about the weather we are here to talk about business and I believe I have struck GOLD this time and found the ABSOLUTE BEST way to go about starting an online business. A blog has EVERYTHING!!!!! Now let me explain!

                  There are many different ways to earn money online. Some of them are shady and some of them are downright illegal. They promise you that it is easy to become rich, but then you are the one who ends up spending your money on their supplies and you find out making sales is not so easy. Also your business needs to be something that you are passionate about. If you do something you hate just because it might pay big bucks you are going to lose interest and it is just awful to leave a clutter of links and sites that are no longer active because you decided to drop the business. And this is where your blog comes in. :-)

                   You blog about something you LOVE, establish yourself as an authority on the subject, and then there is NO LIMIT to the products you can create around your central theme. You can also expand: start your own affiliate program, sell courses, start a magazine, travel around and give lectures, etc... Building this kind of empire with a blog is my intention and I advise you to do the same. Why limit yourself to ONE topic??? Why not start half a dozen blogs and build them up the same way? I know you are an expert on more than one subject! With a blog you work at your own pace. You don't have to buy supplies or buy ads to sell someone else's products. You are FREE as a bird to build up YOUR OWN empire and not make someone else rich by selling their products. That is the way I like it! :-)

                    Some of the ways to have a successful  blog is to, post two to three times a week or even everyday if you want to. Add links, videos, and photos to your blog and make it look interesting. Don't put too many ads on the blog, after all content is King. You don't want your audience to feel like all you want to do is sell them stuff. Be sure you give them lots of good information and tell them how the information and products you offer will help them. Customers are always on the look out for things that will benefit them so be sure you do a good job of selling them on the benefits. Be interactive and answer all comments and questions. You could buy advertising if you want, but it can get expensive so for a cheaper option give sites like Fiverr a try. Google Adwords would be a reasonable option too. Promote your blog online and offline to your friends, family, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN. Get an online radio show with Blog Talk Radio. There are unlimited ways you can promote your Blog and your passion for what you write about will spur you on!

                   In closing I want to give you some examples of top notch bloggers who have built their blogs into a whole business with all the works. I just shake my head in AMAZEMENT at the creativity and talent of these individuals and I wonder why I haven't thought of it myself. So be prepared to be inspired by the Kings and Queens of blogging! :-)

Confessions of a Homeschooler

Money Making Mommy

Multi Million Dollar Bloggers

How To Write a Famous Blog

50 of the World's Most Powerful Blogs

                   Well, I hope this gives you some good ideas and gets your brain waves flowing. I must say these articles have stimulated my mind so I'm going to get busy building my blogs and you should too. Best of Luck!!!!

Till Next Time,
~ Adele :-)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Publishing with Blurb Etc...

Hello Everyone,

            This post may be a little more on the personal side, but I did want to get a post done before the whole month of May slips by. I really need to be more organized. An article said that you should have FIFTY blog posts written before you even START your blog and that is REALLY good advice! If I start more blogs I will do AT LEAST 25 posts for each before I start them. Blogs are really like magazines if you think about it and GUESS WHAT Blurb self publishers has started offering online Magazine Publishing. So you can start your blogs here and then graduate to magazines. An AWESOME opportunity!

            I am planning to get some new business cards a separate one for each of the entertainment service, videography service, writing service, and a personal card. This photo is one I am likely to use for my personal card. :-)

               Well, lets talk about what I have learned in this past month, business related, that might be of use to you. I plan on jumping in and offering some videography, entertainment, and writing services, but I am concerned because of the way people are today. They might sue you and destroy your business if they want you to do a project that is against your faith and you refuse. You hear about cases like this on the news regularly and I ask myself if I want to open myself up to trouble.

               I feel the best way to guard against it is to include a clause about that in your mission statement or your terms and conditions. Be careful how you promote your service too. Try to think of all the possible problems that could arise. For instance my company Adele Smith Entertainment produces wholesome family entertainment and any videography work would have to be consistent with our image. If someone wanted me to do a lingerie commercial or a music video with swearing in it, or a promotional video on a new bar in town I would have to refuse on the grounds that it conflicts with the values my company is trying to promote. So these are important questions you need to ask yourself before you go into business. What are you willing to do?

              GOOD NEWS!!!! Film locations are MUCH cheaper and easier to get than you think. This is the first year I really asked to film on someone's property and they don't even want to charge me. Bed and Breakfasts are the best place to ask for interiors. The Brick House Bed and Breakfast They are open to the public after all and at the worst you would probably only have to pay for the rent of a room. Filming at a bed and breakfast will really add drama and authenticity to our films. We are moving up in the world. :-)

              Let me see what else do I have to say? GPT Sites, there are a TON of them! I am not going to officially recommend any until I successfully cash out. I think GPT sites may be a better way to earn money than most surveys. I rarely qualify for surveys and when I do it is either too long or becomes too invasive and I exit out. At least with the GPT sites you know you are getting so many cents for each micro task.

              Well, I hope you have gleaned some helpful info from this post! Take care and I'll talk to you next time!

~ Adele :-)